Tea so Tea - The True Spirit of Tea

Organic Green Tea

Having had its legendary origins in China for more than 4000 years, green tea has been known to stimulate the five main vital organs, especially the heart. Our detoxifying organic green tea has been made to capture its true freshness where the whole leaf is steam rolled to form little shoots. When brewing this tea, the tea leaf will unfurl in your cup creating the most intense but delicate taste that is so refreshing and cleansing.

Our product contains 20 tea bags weighing each 1.5 grams of best whole tea leaves packed in 100% biodegradable pyramid bags which also allows you to brew a second cup with each bag in the pack.

Welcome To The True Spirit of Tea

This is a tea from a family of 3rd generation tea masters in Sri Lanka. It is often said that a tea tree when left untouched can grow over 50 feet and provides shade, protects the soil and gives exquisite leaf which when brewed just right, produces the most heavenly drink in the world. A drink which touches the mind, body and soul.

For over seventy years, we have made it our mission to help rediscover The True Spirit of Tea and restore some of its lost nobility. The tea plantations that replaced the rich forest many decades ago are often sterile mono-cultures that tolerate nothing but the tea bush.
We want to change the way your cup of tea is grown, packaged and served to you.